what type of performance options do you offer?

We offer choreographed stage shows, mesmerizing fire performers, illuminated LED performers, roaming costumed characters, and towering stilt walkers. Our specialty acts include mermaids, tarot readers, belly dancers, hula hoops, and much, much more. We can customize to fit various budgets.

I don’t see what I want listed, can I create a customized experience?

Yes, we love to present unique experiences to delight and dazzle your guests. Let us know what you have in mind and we can create a specialized experience.

space is limited at my party / wedding / corporate event. can I still have performers?

Yes! Tell us about your event and we’ll customize our performance to fit your needs.

how much space is needed?

There is no set size; we can customize performances for a wide range of spaces, adapting the style and number of performers to create the perfect fit.

my event has a theme. can you help set the atmosphere with your characters and performances?

Absolutely! We can provide high-end costumed performances to fit tropical, futuristic, holidays, specific decades, masquerade, circus, animals, winter wonderland, day of the dead, and blacklight-reactive neon themes, just to name a few! let us know what you have in mind.

do you offer interactive/immersive experiences?

Yes! we love to create individual moments and special interactions with guests with roaming characters and interactive go-go sets. we also thrive on site-specific performances in which we work carefully with destination locales to create intricately designed and plotted performances. in addition, we offer workshops in the circus arts for a variety of situations, from corporate to family-friendly.

i’m hosting a children’s event, do you offer family-friendly options?

Definitely! we have a variety of sparkling characters such as fairies, mermaids, unicorns, snow queens, and many more. Stilts, juggling, flags, hula hoops, and bubbles are popular performance options for young audiences, and we also offer interactive workshops with a variety of circus props.

i’m not in NY, will you travel to perform at my event?

Our troupe is based in Brooklyn and loves to travel. we’ve performed across the US and even as far as Costa Rica. CONTACT US for a quote.

are fire performances safe?

Our performers have many years of experience, are licensed by the FDNY, and hold performers insurance. Licensing by the FDNY involves safety courses, training, and testing to comply with extensive regulations. we work diligently to make our performances safe with special attention to audience and venue safety and have a 100% safety record.

do I need a permit for a fire performance at my event?

Regulations vary greatly by geographic location. contact us to inquire.

fire is not allowed at my event venue. can I still have performers?

Of course! We have a variety of brightly illuminated LED props to create mind-melting displays of light. need something daytime appropriate? We have colorful and shimmering day props. and of course, stilt walkers are a hit in almost any situation.

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