ENCHANTED opens a portal to a dream dimension where glowing otherworldly creatures, towering stilt walkers, and firey femmes fatales play out a seductive, spellbinding spectacle.
Specializing in a fusion of intricate prop choreography with dance, this Brooklyn based troupe of dancers and multi-prop artists creates nouveau cirque magic with incandescent energy and open-hearted passion. Let us fill you with wonder


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ShoW daTes

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Past Show Highlights

Madison Square Park "Whiteout" Pop-Up Performance
Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education: BLITZ "Guerilla Jazz" Event
Inferno @ House of Yes
Dirty Circus Variety Show @ House of Yes
Combustion NYC
JunXion: Choose Your Own Adventure
YULE presented by Artist-in-Residence: Solstice Tribe
Floasis Presents: Fire Within
Gratitude Migration 2017
Unifier Festival 2016
Featured Wedding Performance, Brooklyn
Envision Festival 2016
Performance Showcase at Return to Roots Festival
PEX Summer Festival
The Calling: Episode 4
Opening act for Beats Antique Creature Carnival w/ Shpongle, Emancipator, & Lafa Taylor


Enchanted Fire


Focused choreography and ambient performance are available in an array of forms from classical fire props to unique acts such as fire tiger and fire-on-stilts.

Enchanted LED Glow


Programmable LED props with persistence-of-vision technology interact with the beauty of the human form to create mindmelting displays.

Enchanted Stilts


High-end thematic costuming and specialty looks create instant intrigue, along with extras such as fire-on-stilts, wings, bubbles, ribbon, and more.

Enchanted Specialty


Unique options such as bullwhip, mermaids, bellydance, tarot, and more can be customized and combined for an immersive experience.

Enchanted Stage Show

stAge sHoW

Our 30-minute full-fire stage show is at the heart of what we do and has received thunderous acclaim for its artistry, sophistication, beauty, and depth.

Enchanted Hoop Poi

HulA Hoop, PoI, dAnce

Daytime acts ranging from hula hoop, flags, juggling, dance, poi, levitating wand, and many more feature engaging, sparkling characters.

fiNd oUt AboUt sHoWs


LET's MakE MaGic.

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